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The brand identity

While the aesthetic aspect of office decor once remained in the background compared to functionality and savings, it has now taken centre stage in the name of quality in the perception of the ambiences. Indeed, its use has become increasingly linked to the concepts of corporate identity sharing and formation. This aspect prompts new ways of experiencing the workplace, such as hybrid work-domestic areas and a contamination with products that do not typically belong to it, resulting in a design that is both pleasing to the eye and comfortable to use.

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The Office world

The ambiences proposed here express the innermost identity and values of MDF Italia. The visual story is a symbolic journey winding through undefined and fluid ambiences – from reception area to open-plan office, from conference rooms to informal spaces, from common areas to outdoor spaces. The underlying theme attests to a compositional study alien to the traditional Office canons. The manifold types of products and finishes in the catalogue are paired in harmony or in contrast with one another, giving voice to several spaces in the Office world: from traditional to co-working spaces to the home office.


The collaboration between MDF Italia and 967arch was born from a stylistic affinity, from an approach to product and project design that found a natural meeting point.
First in the use of MDF Italia collections in contract projects developed by the Milanese studio and then in the recognition of 967arch’s architectural projects as the identity of a precise design philosophy.

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Contemporary spaces

The values behind MDF Italia’s DNA are fully manifested in the solutions designed for contemporary workspaces: iconic products characterised by formal synthesis and top-quality technical skills to deliver an elevated experience of work for people.
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